Politics: O Come, O Come Emanuel

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When Obama took Pennsylvania, I started the Obama Administration conversation.  Everybody thought I was jumping the gun and the conversation died.  Looks like I was right.

Remember, remember the fourth of November.   That night the changers cheered and McCain's strangers jeered (and untactly booed).  History had been made, Oprah tears had been shed, and the entire world except Americans conservatives celebrated.

Word came out this week that the first member of the Obama Administration would be the chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel.  Surprise, surprise I thought reading his name in a headline, a hispanic.  Obama was going to make the beltway look like an elementary school social studies textbook.  You know, the ones that throw out demographic populations and make the u.s. seem one part white, one part black, one part latin american, one part asian, and one part native american.  And surprise, surprise, Emanuel is a young'n from Illinois.

Sitting here, donating plasma, I took the time to check out this new mysterious figure.  After Sarah Palin, the informed American has learned to always do his or her research.

And what I found was the Biden Effect: inspiringly devoted to a party but competent, a rhetorical artist, and ready to stir things up.  On YouTube I fell in love with Biden when at a democratic debate he simply  answered "Yes," to if he could curb his verbosity on the campaign trail.

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